Speedrun Timer (Mac Version) ??!!
6 years ago

Hello, I have a question of what speed run timer to use for Mac users. I have seen the attempt of Spectre for Mac and I have seen a timer on the right side of the attempt and I want to know what timer do you use because I have trouble in finding speed run timer for Mac users.

And yes, I have visit the forums of resources for speed run timer tools in this site but I have found none that works. Please help :D

I just use livesplit. I don't play it on a genuine mac. I'm playing it on an emulator, on my pc.

Um, one of my buddies uses I think it's wsplit? And of course I'll help. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a whisper on Twitch. I'm on there more often than here. :)

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You can also check here as well, under timers, but I'm believing this is what you're referring to when you say "resources".


Llanfair works, I think. :P I also think there's one called tiny or micro timer?

You can even download a stopwatch app for OSX if they have one. If all else fails, retime your run using VLC, and increment frame by frame. Shoot, I'll even allow a video camera capture of your iPhone/iPad's stopwatch, as long as it is going at the same time on the same screen as your video and syncs up perfectly. If you have no other means of recording the time, I'll even verify your time by hand myself, just provide a rough estimate of your time, and I'll check it myself. :)

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does live split have a mac version?

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3 years ago

@IAmSeamonkey well, yes and no. LiveSplit One is a web version of LiveSplit, so it works on every platform

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you mean bad

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There is Splitter on the App Store for Mac. It is a speedrun timer

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