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1 year ago
Portland, OR, USA

Hi there. Long time enjoyer of the game but new to speedrunning it and I just had a few questions before I dabbled with routing some stuff out. If I’m running a DLC category, let’s just say From Dusk til Casa Bonita, I noticed that in the rules it says “Any and all items, powers, etc. from any of the DLC's outside of "From Dusk til Casa Bonita" are BANNED”

So does that mean that at no point I can go into the “powers” menu and change what attacks I’m using? Also are you aloud to have artifacts equipped to have a higher overall Might?

California, USA

Anything Outside of the DLC you are running.

This means you are not allowed to use powers from say the Bring the Crunch DLC.

Powers found within the DLC you are running are fine.

Yes, you can have a higher might level, as long as it doesn't utilize anything outside of the base game/Casa Bonita DLC.

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