Some Rules and Guidelines
4 years ago

Some Rules for Mods:

There should always at least be 2 active mods. A mod cannot verify their own run, because that is an easy way of accepting fake time. (Learnt that from Pingvin107's mistake) Every decision that mods make should be discussed on the forums or on the Discord server. If a mod is inactive for more than 2 weeks they should be contacted be speedrunners as well as by other mods. (On dicord, by direct messages on this site, by email, etc.) If a run was submitted with a wrong time or without a timer the mods should verify it then re-time it and edit its time accordingly instead of rejecting it. (A guide on how to do that easily is in the second half of this superhot vr video: . I use lightworks to do the same)

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Some Rules for Speedrunners:

The timer starts when your character starts moving, and ends when you get to the loading zone of the end of the category. (End screen/1-5 portal) Runs are timed in real time, because reloading levels is rng manipulation and that should be something high-risk, high-reward. And in-game time doesn't count your reaction time for choosing buffs. If you submit a timerless run, please write timerless in the description, so we can easily identify which runs do we need to inspect further. Using newly discovered glitches is only allowed if you can give a method of replicating it.

Thank you all for reading this!

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We have updated the rules for English to make them look more presentable. You can find the written version by Ghostt here:

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