Mobile question
2 years ago

Is playing on IOS with a PS4 wireless controller is good for any% glitchless


as far as I know, the only categories that are tracked for the mobile version of the game are Richter Any% and All Bosses, which belongs to the category extensions for lesser-known or less popular runs of the game ( if you want to run Glitchless Any%, you need to play the PSX or Xbox version of the game

California, USA

You can play as you wish, but most mobile categories are currently not tracked. If you are looking for strategies, the PSP/Requiem ports are the closest I think.

United States

Mobile is essentially DXC Requiem PAL, with an added Continue option that restarts you form the room entrance, UNLESS it's a boss oom. ten it rstarts you form the previous room entrance.

The continue option is what makes times not comparable.

Oh, and the instant loading. so it's the fastest version of them al.

so yeah, it would need to be tracked separately.

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