Wired controller or Wireless?
1 year ago
Tennessee, USA

See i am trying to learn SOTN's any% categorie on my xbox one (yes, i have sotn via backwards compatible) i was wondering for learning inputs, should i be using wireless controller (which i use most the time) or does a wired controller work better?

One more question the death skip.. how is death skip dragonblitz uses all the time faster than the throw version of the skip, you know the one when you get tossed across the screen?

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I don't personally use a controller, so I have no say in that regard, but I found this from a quick google search: https://i.imgur.com/6rVNjSU.png < graph with mean input lag variation among controllers and connections https://gamingsection.net/news/does-plugging-in-xbox-controller-reduce-input-lag/ < not sure if this is a reputable source, but it all points at wired being better than wireless, which makes sense

As for Death skip, keeping your equipment through a big toss requires you to start in Luck mode. This greatly reduces your stats and makes the rest of the run slower than it would normally be due to lower MP and stats together with all the menuing to unequip Alucard's gear and the fact that you would follow a different XP route. With this being said, if you play on Xbox, you should be able to get sub-8 clock rushes pretty consistently, so even if you did the big toss strat, you wouldn't save any time as you'd still be locked behind the statue waiting to move.

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Tennessee, USA

Thanks for the information! I am gonna need a better controller, i just got one xbox one wired controller, and it works but some of the inputs are kind of messed up.