Category request: Reverse boss order
2 years ago
St. Louis, MO, USA

Pretty self explanatory, here’s the boss order:

Galamoth Death Doppelganger 40 Beezlebub The fake Castlevania 3 trio Medusa Akmodan II The Creature Darkwing Bat Granfalloon Cerberus Scylla Succubus Orlox Lesser Demon (non-boss version doesn’t count) Werewolf and Minotaur (non-boss versions don’t count) Karasuman/Malphas Hippogriph Doppelganger 10 Slogra and Gaibon (again, non-boss versions don’t count)

Dracula, Shaft, and Richter are not fought in reverse order, Dracula and Shaft are fought at the beginning and end of the run, and Richter can just be skipped.

Would like to see a run of this, thanks!


you're very welcome to come up with any categories you want to see and to speedrun the game however you'd like to

Ontario, Canada

Instead of requesting, how about you actually do the run. Also just because someone runs it does not mean its worth tracking. Categories worth tracking are those with competitive interest and merit to them. Even if there is a accomplishment for someone doing a category we have made notice to find and those runs and runners in a list. There is no real need to burden a load of random categories unless there is some good competition within it.

St. Louis, MO, USA

Actually I thought it would be better in category extensions, not on the main leaderboard

Also I can’t post a run, and even if I could I can’t really do many of the glitches in this game

Texas, USA

Welp, I figured I'd give a shot routing it. I ended up including Save Richter to make it more interesting. Here's the vod:

The RBO leaderboard will be on the category extension page:

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