Need for more verifiers
2 years ago

Seeing as there are very few active verifiers (i.e. Mouse and only Mouse) for this game and its ever growing player base, I think there is a shortage of verifiers for runs, some of which take a really long time to get on the leaderboards. This very issue has been brought up in The Long Library repeatedly, but to no avail. Several users who happen to be fairly knowledgeable about and experienced with the game, such as Diagon, MrRazzio and myself, have previously shown interest in becoming verifiers. Personally, I am still interested in this and MrRazzio is too, not sure about Diagon. Is there a chance that more people could be granted the role? Thanks in advance.

Edit: just in case, I'm not calling the current verifiers out or anything, I simply think there are too few and this shouldn't be something only one person should be burdened with.

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I was the first person to ask verifier few months ago because there was literally 1 person who had time to verify runs. Nothing changed since then and I'm still willing to verify a run or two per day.

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Illinois, USA

I would still be interested in verifying runs, as well. I would probably have time to verify a few a week.

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New Hampshire, USA

Thanks for bringing this up, asd. As mentioned, I am ready and willing to verify runs. Any% and Glitchless are the only categories I'm familiar with, but I'm sure I can learn enough of the other runs to be able to verify any of the main categories.

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More verifiers/mods would be a good idea. I've been insanely busy and forgotten to verify runs. I've verified a bunch now but adding more verifiers would help.

Sadly, I can't do that since my role on SRC is only a verifier, Mouse is the supermod and Rasha is a mod.

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Texas, USA

I'd be willing to verify the Richter categories, as they are the ones I'm the most familiar with, also for PhotN runs I'd say I'd be good for verifying

Illinois, USA

I just saw PanamaQuest's run from a year and a half ago was verified. Is there a sizeable backlog of runs to verify? I have expressed interest in verifying for several months now and am still interested in helping out.