New Stages, New Version, More Fun!
New Stages, New Version, More Fun!
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We have added new stages and to the leaderboard!

  • All Character tutorials has been added
  • Island Levels have been added
  • Test Stage has been removed

We will now only be accepting runs from 1.2!

1.2 has a new stage layout, Act 5 from 1.1 are now Act 4, and so on.

If your run no longer exists in 1.2, it will be removed from the leaderboard.

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Sonic World DX Modded Stages has its own leaderboard now.

We have recently opened up a new leaderboard for Sonic World DX.

If you have any ideas for modded stages you would like to run, be sure to ping AussieNic or Astreachan on the discord.

6 months ago
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