Are my runs from 1.1 going to be deleted?
6 months ago
Chicago, IL, USA

I somehow just realized 1.2 came out and was confused when people were playing stages that I didn't have.

It's fine if they are getting deleted or anything, but I am just curious.

Chicago, IL, USA

All my new runs will be in the new version; I'm not sure if I can still say it's new.


Please join the sonic world discord server to stay updated, no 1.1 runs will not be removed unless there is a valid reason for it, like a tech or glitch that isn't available in 1.2

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Chicago, IL, USA

Alright, I turned my notifications for that server on so I will know next time.


We'll do an announce in the Discord server in case runs get deleted but for now, the only runs that plan to get deleted are the one from Acts that don't exist anymore like Act 5 in most stages

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