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I think there’s too many category submissions that are rejected. I respect the mods hate them but there is a solution. Category extensions might fix all of that. It would be a separate board so category’s like 100%, And other will be category extensions. Also pls beg to the src mods to add a dislike feature would be appreciated.


Nobody hates the proposed categories. You're free to run them, even if there's no dedicated category for them! As is the case for any speedgame. Think about some of the proposed categories here- take the one you asked for 10 months ago. Doing all the stages up until the first Extra Stage, and then... stopping the timer? Why? Why end the run there? THAT is the true meaning of an arbitrary category, a run that just ends at a random point in the game, suddenly, with no reason.

As for category extensions, again I should point out that it being made depends on who would be willing to run the silly categories. You might be excited right now, but think about if it were made - then what, will you keep running your own silly/funsies categories? Even if you submit more than one run, and considering the current count of 5 active runners according to SRC, there's little point in making one if it will die within a month, OR if it will only ever be used by one or two people.

I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I should stress! I will, however, admit that it can be tiring, basically saying these same things every time someone asks for a new category to be made, that's all. Enjoy the speedruns you want to!

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oh. i must have said it wrong. it was all stages. didnt say it correct last time. like 100% but less torture.