Can I submit a run that I recorded on my gba with my phone camera?
4 months ago
United States

So basically I have a run of Neo Green Hill Act 2 I’m pretty proud of, but to record it I literally just pointed my phone camera at my gba screen. Everything is readable, including the in game timer, and the entire gba screen is in frame at all times. Is it ok to submit a run like that or does it need to be digitally recorded?

New York, USA

Yes it's ok to use the recording from your phone camera on here.

Michigan, USA

I believe what Connor said is correct, but be advised that I am not a mod for this game, and as far as I am aware there is no formal decision regarding such runs. Also, Connor is not appreciated in the community because of repeated harassment of other community members, so use your best judgement on whether you trust him.

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United States

Ah alright, I already submitted the run so I suppose I’ll just see what happens. Thank you for the information.

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