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5 years ago

This game needs a Best Ending category, separated by version: Genesis (to include the re-releases on GCN, WiiVC, PS2, PS3, Xbox, X360, and the Steam client on PC), PC (1997/1998 Windows PC release and re-releases also for Windows PC), and Saturn. This category adds new content to speedruns in the form of playing the special stages, playing an additional boss fight, and different routing in levels. The concept of a game having some sort of 100% completion category that adds an appreciable amount of new content to the speedrun that is easy to define and is built into the game is common throughout the speedrunning community and most Sonic games on this site have a category that includes emerald collection. The various releases of the game have different special stages that vary in length and are not competitive with each other. To alleviate some confusion, the release for the Steam client on PC is an emulation of the Genesis release and should be listed under Platform as Genesis Emulator (this includes all 3 of the existing PC runs at the time of this post). This has been implemented on leaderboards for other games, such as the Streets of Rage series.

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We currently have 3 active runners for this, and that's without the visibility that a SRC leaderboard would provide (we're literally tracking via a Google doc). In addition 4 more runners are currently learning the game with the intent of running this category, as well as a work in progress TAS. Even if this all turns out to be a flash in the pan down the line, there's still demand for it and potential for community growth.

UPDATE: Okay those changes are now being implemented. Pretty awesome.

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