Deck manipulation but on mobile...?
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Deck manipulation but on mobile...?

Hello, I apologize if this is a stupid post. I was unsure of where to put this. Recently when learning how to manipulate the saved deck, I realized that you are able to take advantage of the cloud save feature of a microsoft/xbox account to transport the saved deck onto your mobile app. I was able to successfully do this several times with little to no issue. I suppose my question is if runs using this method are allowed? You technically have to use a computer to do this, and I noticed there was a previous discussion if deck manipulation was going to be allowed at all a little while back. I haven't seen anything about this for mobile. Apologies again if this is a stupid question or if it's in the wrong place.

Michigan, USA

It is an interesting concept. However, these two rules would probably cause an invalidation of your run using this method: "-All runs with deck manipulation need to show GAME reset.

-All runs need to show the screen where you choose the game. (Draw 1 or Draw 3, Vegas or non-Vegas)" I don't think you'd be able to fill both of these conditions with this method. (Also, I believe to bring a deck over you'd have to already start it on PC, and we reject runs that start midway through)

I suppose that's fair, however I'd also like to add that when bringing a deck over with the method I used, it starts on the same screen you'd get when deck manipulating on desktop, which is with all the cards already dealt but not started. Thank you though.

It's always best to check the official rules and regulations of the platform you're playing on to see if deck manipulation is allowed or not. Some platforms may have specific policies in place for mobile play, so it's important to be aware of those. If you're interested in exploring other ways to play Solitaire, you might want to check out this link: . It has a review of an app that lets you play Solitaire for real money and has a community of players who share strategies and tips. Hope this helps.

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Every time I try and submit a run it logs me out. Anyone know why?