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I noticed the only post we have for a speedrun on here was a Japanese version playthrough on SNES. (And the video is only 30 minutes of a 2.5hr run.

I was looking to potentially run this via an emulator, Snes9x (1.53). Considering there aren't any posted rules, if I make a run do I need to submit rules or get approval?

My general thoughts after reading some general posts were:

Snes9x (1.53) (following emulator rules, no save states, no speed up, turbo, etc)
From start to finish (ala Japan RPG speedrun rules), from hitting Start to the Ending
I'd like to run it via English translation, which allows Star Ocean to be playable on Emulator
(I guess Star Ocean for SNES used a different coding format which causes the graphics to be unplayable via emulator without graphics fixes the english version uses)

I figure that should meet guidelines, and it will be marked as emulator.

Would appreciate comments if anyone has any.

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I recently became a series mod although I have no intentions of running any games outside the PSP remakes, but I think I can help.

As far as the run on the board, I have no idea why that was added. Even though the time that the run claims to be is time stamped but, it should be fixed so that the full video is on the board or removed entirely (Not going to make that call). IMO, if emulator is to be accepted, it needs to be separated from console just to avoid any potential issues that may rise. For timing purposes, it'll probably be better to have it coincide with with PSP remake where timer stops on final hit on Neo Revorse (name might be different in SNES version). I'll make said changes now.

Hope this helps.

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I've done a few runs of SO SNES, haven't completed one yet while recording though since there's a couple of bosses that are absolutely nightmarish.

Firstly, the Japanese runs I've seen do use Turbo and there are very long periods of just text, so I would recommend that at least turbo should be allowed. You have to constantly turn it on and off though because leaving turbo on actually makes it hard to select actions in battle.

Also the English Translation actually messes a few things up. It changes the way the in-battle Item Menu is navigated because they had to make it fit the longer English words. I think the English translation also adds a few extra items through a Santa shop in the snow town. I found it more comfortable to just run it in Japanese. There's not too much to memorize anyway/

Message me more if you wanna talk about running it, I'd be glad to discuss it with you!

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I asked Darko about the questionable run but has no idea who added it (he's the one who created the board). I made an executive decision and removed the run as I'm assuming it was added sometime in 2014 by someone who deleted their account due to the board not requiring a mod to look at the run for it to be approved (I changed this) and that said run is using JP timing method (Power On - The End). If there's a full VOD in the wild of said run, I have no issue of adding back to the board.

Rollbuster: If you have any insight on how the board should be organized, rule setup and guides, please feel free to drop the knowledge (I have no issue of adding you on as mod if you don't mind doing it yourself).

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Snes emulation is near perfection though. "Potential issues" don't exist as long as accurate emus (anything using a bsnes core, since that emulates the chips correctly), or slower emus (snes9x) are used. The only "potential issue" I could see, would be a flashcart mishandling the compressed rom.

At this point we have a "clean slate" to work with rules wise, so the question is how we time, and whether or not we allow turbo. I say why not allow turbo, it doesn't really hurt anything 😛 It'd speed up text, and fights a bit.
As far as timing goes, I see no reason not to go with a more "western" approach. (new game -> exp closing on final boss , for example).

I did learn this game a while back, but you know, succubus 😛


it would've been nice to have a notification for forum posts since I just saw this now

it took me 80 years (okay, maybe like 1 hour) to actually find a recorded JP RTA for this game. it's only on nico and I don't know if it was the same video as before, but you can see the whole run now since the playlist is in the description.

also since this game was never released outside of Japan there's really no point in separating the game by emulator (you'll be playing on emu anyway). Maybe separate it by regular SFC and SFC w/ English Patch like with FF5 but there aren't enough recorded runs for separation anyway

EDIT: okay I found the rejected run and it was the same one. merged the runs.