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So, after miserably failing my 11-Exit (Cloud) run, I did a glitchless run and got a way better run.

Is it a more valuable use of my time to practice glitchless until I get amazing times before switching to glitch runs, or should I start learning orb/cloud now?


I always aim to do what's most fun for me. But if we're talking about time save I've heard that the cloud saves about 40s in a run. But since you need to get the cloud to get a run going you want to be sorta consistent to make the grind less horrible. But only thinking about getting the best time going for cloud runs while practicing the hard bits alot. I'm at a 11:05 glitchless PB and just don't feel like I need to rush for cloud unless I start feeling the glitchless game is just a boring grind and the cloud is an easy improvement. 🙂

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Personally, I would start getting REALLY good at glitchless. You have to get really good (where you're rarely getting hit in your runs) before you should start working on Major Glitch runs. I started doing gltichless runs, once I felt like I was BARELY improving my time, I switched to Orb. Once I felt I was BARELY improving my time doing my Orb runs, I recently switched to Cloud.

DanielMauritz is correct when he says Cloud saves 40s, but only when compared to Orb runs. Compared to a glitchless run, Cloud saves around 55s.

Tip: Cloud is extremely difficult to learn, and extremely difficult to pull off correctly AND fast, So focus on getting really good and consistent glitchless runs (my last time was 11:28.05 before switching to Orb runs) before starting any Major Glitch categories.

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I'd recommend not bothering with cloud 'til you have at least sub 11 in glitchless, maybe sub 10:50. The cloud fight is much harder than the rest of the run combined, so I don't think it's worth bothering with it until you're fairly consistent with the rest of the run.

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i would recommend doing glitchless until you get a good time, cause you need all the levels anyway.

the only things you have to learn after that is the cloud setup and the bowser fight.

DO NOT learn orb, it's pointless learning YI1. also you forget how to do iggy's castle. and the best you can get with orb anyway is around 10:30, there is no point.

once you have a sub 11, practice cloud, my opinion.


It would be cool if run types were a subcategory (separated) instead of all being in one leaderboard.


You can filter them via a pulldown menu at the top if you want to see, but we don't separate them into subcategories. The category is 11 exit, irrespective of what glitches you do. The "run type" field is just so that you can see at a glance what method was used. 10:50 glitchless is far more impressive than 10:50 cloud, so it is nice to have access to that info.

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Oh okay, thanks for the tips ^^