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So this is a strategy that I found for newer players (like me). After the checkpoint I really have trouble getting past the koopa on the yellow blocks.

So what I like to do is get the checkpoint, damage boost off of the green paratroopa. Then I can get through the red koopa thanks to the invincibility frames without worrying about hitting it. And the best part is that it only loses 1 second! Oh, and if you die. ¤CHECKPOINT!!¤

The reason why I made this strategy is because at SGDQ 2016 the really awesome commentator (sorry I do not know his name) said that this was a harder level for newer players since there wasn't a way to make it safer besides walking. So I made this strategy to help newer players with this level!

Here is the video showing off the stratagy:


hey, if you want to share stuff like this with the community, the best place to do so is in the discord server,

no one really reads these threads

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I do DansGame OpieOP

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