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For me, at least. For a number times, I have gotten the P-Switch between the pipe and the ? Block. The only problem is that this is the precise moment that I hit the ? Block! Are there any specific frames that I need to get that P-Switch to get a wing factory? This is very frustrating and I can't get it even once.

Can anyone in extreme detail explain what a successful tubular wings looks like? I have watched a couple of videos on this (even one that showed the controller on the side so that you know what the player is pressing in real time.) I have heard of audio cues, but what specific one to follow.

Do I press B while holding down? Do I press B while holding up? I don't know but please help!

EDIT: Is my game glitched? I tried producing a wing factory without Yoshi by having Yoshi spit the P-Switch into the left side of the pipe and then scroll buffer the P-Switch to the right. It was very close to the P-Switch but did NOT produce the wing factory. Does Yoshi have to be present for the wings to appear?

EDIT 2: What versions of Super Mario World does Tubular Wings work on? It doesn't work on mine.


Ok, watch this video on tubular wings on this page if you haven't already
To answer the questions in your edits:
- Tubular Wings work on all versions of the game (even PAL, if I recall correctly)
- Spitting the p-switch into the side of the pipe won't work, because the p-switch needs to have been thrown upwards in order to get the wings factory

The key for tubular wings is to hold B (or A) fairly late when you're bouncing on the spring. This will give you enough height to get just underneath the p-balloon block without hitting it, so that you can throw the p-switch into the wall. There are a few different things you can use as cues for when to start holding B, such as when the spring expands all the way, or when the pitch of the spring sound starts to move upwards. There isn't really a solid cue that'll work for everyone, and it'll vary depending on whether you're playing on console or emulator, so it's really a matter of experimenting and finding something that works for you.

It's also worth noting that tubular wings only save 15 seconds, so they're by no means a necessary strat starting out.

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Not much to add to Sten's answer but just to cover the bit of your question about holding down/up - You'll want to be ducked (assuming big Mario here) to avoid hitting your head. So hold down while landing on the switch, there is plenty of time while I
the air to start holding up before releasing y to throw the spring. As long as Mario is in the ducked position in the air you've got the down press correct, so it's easy to tell. Also be sure to be as far to the left as you can be pushing against the pipe. Note: I never use cape so if there any cape specific things for this they aren't reflected in this answer.


Search seathornes tubular wings tutorial on YouTube. It helped me a lot.


Success! 🙂 I had to slow the emulation speed down to mere frames to find exactly WHEN to jump on the spring while crouching. I found that jumping at that point had Mario just barely below the ? Block. After I found that, I jumped again at that point and released the P-Switch pressing up. Instant wing factory! I saved my state and restored the speed to normal. Now to Yoshi Wing out of Tubular! 🙂

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@fitz1889 Tubular wings are the same with and without cape

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