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This past night I did a Mario World speedrun for the first time using the new SNES Switch app that just released today. Throughout the run I used the rewind feature built into the app. I was wondering if there would be the introduction of a new category using this feature or if this would just blatantly not be allowed in submittable speedruns.

For a first time Mario World speedrun, with no prior knowledge on how to speedrun the game or anything like that, I got a 3h 09m 45s run. It was really just for fun but I enjoyed it a lot. Just a question I wanted to ask the community and see what everyone here was thinking about it


Since smw have just been released on the switch there have been no decisions made yet but i feel confident in telling you that no using the rewind feature will not be allowed and there will not be a separate category created where it will be allowed.


Yeah, I suspect the Switch will be added as a console fairly soon seeing as the VC and SNES Classic are allowed. I guarantee though that use of save states and/or rewind feature will not be permitted.


If you look at other games, such as on NES, that can use that feature and have been out for awhile, it's also not allowed.

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Dang. Well okay. I guess I’ll have to try and do the run again without the rewind feature and maybe try and use the guides on here instead of going in blind. But thank you everyone for the helpful info! You’re all very nice and I hope I can be a part of this community going forward

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Glad to hear you will keep on trying, for any questions you might have regarding the run the discord is the best place to ask!


The rewind feature is also present on emulators in order to create even better TASes. If you were to create the best run possible on the switch, I don't think the leaderboard mods would mind. However, if you tried to use a rewind/reload savestate feature during RTA runs, that would be seen as blatantly cheating.
Therefore, I do not think that the rewind feature of the SNES Online feature of the Switch will be allowed in SMW speedruns at all.

However, if you were to practice a specific part, rewind an quick save/load all to make practice even easier and quicker if you can! In practice you have free reign!

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