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Can someone explain me why doesnt work, i dont know if i need a code genie


You have to make sure you are setting your values up right in the addresses. This page talks more about the cloud and the cloud fight:

This document by Sethbling should tell you everything you need to know about the Cloud (this link should take you to the Easy Cloud setup, however, I suggest reading the document so that way you get a better grasp on how the Cloud works):


There's more to it than just spin jumping off of Yoshi.


The coin should be collected on the same frame that the chuck spawns in on the right, so the positions of the coin are kept and the chuck spawns on the lowest sprite slot available, being the original slot the coin was in, and since the positions are saved, the chuck spawns on yoshi's tongue.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm 99% sure that's how that works, but I haven't played SMW for ages.


^ All wrong. Please don't respond if you don't know what you are talking about because you are just going to cause more confusion.

In your video, your execution was good, but you happened to spawn the Chuck on the last frame possible, and when that happens Yoshi eats the Chuck without anything happening. You'll notice that he is just gone from existence after your attempt. I would try standing a bit more to the left on the ledge before the item swap.

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I would just recommend using an original SNES or SFC to do the Cloud Glitch because that's where pretty much all the runs that do that glitch are performed on those platforms anyway. 😛


every time i do cloud glitch on the switch, my game crashes


that's because cloud glitch doesn't work the same way on the switch or wii vc and the snes classic

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