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Might seem like a weird question but, does anybody has an article or something indicating location of powerups in every stage?

I need this basically because I'm a noob, so far I've only ran 11 exit which I had no problem resetting the game every time I fail, but I'm having a bit of trouble in NSW, because I get hit in the middle of the run or worst at the end and sometimes I don't feel like resetting, so a location of powerups would be handful so if I lose the cape or flower I can just go to a near stage and get it back, I think this would be god for me to get better, at least I could complete runs once in a while until I'm actually good at it.

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Each level page on the Super Mario World wiki - - shows which powerups that level contains. It doesn't show specific locations at the moment, but that's something I could look into adding.

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I was wondering if something like this existed myself. If no one is currently on the case, I'd be happy to make an infographic/writeup of the locations.