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Please make these changes.
96 exit: Time start does not change. Time ends when bowser's clown car starts to explode. If 95 or less, time ends as soon as you take the 96th exit.
11 exit: See 96 exit, above, however, you no longer need to clear the 96th exit.
0 exit/credits warp: Time ends when either the screen wipes out of black towards Yoshi's house, when the screen warps to the credits where Mario and Peach are traveling back to yoshi's house, or when the word "Para" in Para-bomb appears.

(edited: )

..................what? I suppose I don't understand why.


Yes. Let's torture the mods to make them retime all the thousands of speedruns. Excellent idea! 😃

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lmao who is this goon?

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It would be a great idea to also run the runners instead of starting the timer at 2.20s by selecting "1 Player Game" for 0s once the player gains control of Mario. =P


But...all this would do is give the mods a big headache? (Damn painful one at that.) Especially this late in the lifespan of this leaderboard.


Now that's some unwarranted sense of entitlement! The gall it takes to actually demand these... damn!

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It's nbd. I just find stuff like this amusing tbh

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