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I'm new to the community and wanted to start submitting runs. I primarily play older games on a MiSTer FPGA setup.

The first run I submitted was rejected for not being completed on a valid emulator. I totally respect that as I didn't do my due diligence to make sure what I was submitting was acceptable.

I was wondering if there is some avenue for me to get the MiSTer's SNES core validated. Can I take some timing videos and provide them for analysis by someone who knows what to look for? Is there some rom that stresses the environment and prints some timing data that I could run and capture?

If FPGA is explicitly banned, thats cool, too. I can move over to a software emulator if that's what's necessary.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Some MiSTer links:



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FPGA is not currently banned as a couple members of the community use Super NTs. However, since this a system that seems relatively new/unknown, we don't have much information on it and it isn't currently an approved emulator yet.
Feel free to join the Discord to discuss more about it with us.

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