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I see there are a lot of categories that people run that aren't in this leaderboard, nor the "SMW Memes" leaderboard.
Here are the categories I've noticed do not exist here that I think deserve recognition:

• All Castles, No Cape (WR: 37:51 by Wazmannen)
• 86 Exit, Small Only (WR: 2:21:23 by rezephos)
• A1 Exit (WR; 1:43:14 by Pandabear314)
• A2 Exit (WR: 1:56:17 by Pandabear314)
• IL categories

WR times were looked up from a few quick Google searches, some might be inaccurate.

Anyway I just thought these categories should be on the leaderboard.
EDIT: RIP i didn't see All Castles is on the leaderboard already. 😛


-IL's were recently removed because they are pretty pointless in this game.
-A1 and A2 are extremely arbitrary and only run by Panda.
-86 is extremely arbitrary and only run by Reze.

Maybe if more people run A1, A2, 86, etc. they will be added, but not for now.

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everything Bramz said, All Castles, No Cape is already pretty arbitrary, this would be such a muss at some point.

also we have

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