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I think now whit the snes classic mini out it should be a option to use when you speedrun beacuse it is a ofdical lisenced nintedo product that can run the game

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I don't run this game, but I agree.


Please wait for the console to be released before asking it to be an accepted platform.

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Let's rephrase it. Wait until someone's done a run on it before asking for it to be accepted

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dont forget to add it for the extra categories


We are asking you to wait because it is possible that the SNES Mini is a Snes9x/Bizhawk/lsnes inside, or a new/different emulator by Nintendo. Please be patient until this console is both understood and has runs attached to it.

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@eddez02 Another LB, so it means: different mods. Please ask on that place! Thx 🙂


Can you imagine what will happen if the SMW version on SNES Classic is better catered to speed runners somehow? Talk about an even bigger backlash than Nintendo is already facing for their poor distribution of this system


Someone find me one at MSRP or less, I'll do a run or two on it.


Does anyone know if smw on the snes classic runs with the same fps as smw for the original snes?


More importantly, can someone dump the SMW rom from it and verify it's identical to a cart release?


I believe Dots has tested out the SNES Mini version of SMW and found that it is indeed slower than a normal SNES.

This is probably due to the console running at 60fps, instead of 60.09 like the official console.