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Can you speed run on a hacked NES classic Mini


The NES classic mini can play SNES roms?

With only a 2 button controller?

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Considering the fact that you are hacking a console that isnt meant to play snes roms, I dont think It would be allowed. I would suggest either getting an snes console, getting the virtual console on wii u, or 3ds(I dont know if it is available on anything else) or just getting an emulator(I use Snes9x).

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I don't see why not, but seeing as you'd have to use an emulator of some sort to load SMW, the run should be marked accordingly.


authorblues You can play it whit offical nintendo controllers and 8bitdo controllers

Opgaming13 i think it should be allowed beacuse a pc i not meant to run snes games but you get to speed run on it

Stephan1704 i think it should like say Mini Nes [Emu] so you can se what they run on and the reasson i hope this happens is to se more runners that dont have so good computers run the game on a mini nes


Snes9x is a trivial program to run these days. If you can stream and/or record for leaderboard submissions, you can almost certainly emulate a SNES.


But the Mini Snes emulator on The Nes classic runs on 2005 snes9x


And what version of snes9x is that? You can answer your own question now, armed with this knowledge.