For detailed information, visit these documents:
¤ Initial Proposal: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​document/​d/​1_zJWRsIoGZOPGgs4gtX0wKPyfYvYqdDEhgTZb-U7RZc/​edit?usp=sharing
¤ Timing Spreadsheet: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1ZwK0KEknOq_jQvh03ffABc0TQ3rg6xkNGBs-ZPOwGBQ/​edit?usp=sharing

¤ bSNES Compatibility Core (Bizhawk, Higan)
¤ SNES9x v1.5x and higher
The bSNES core is quite resource intensive and might not run well on old machines. SNES9x is a good alternative (make sure you get the newest version).

Emulators & systems that are allowed for all categories:
¤ SNES Console
¤ All Virtual Console Releases (WiiVC, 3DSVC, WiiUVC)
¤ SNES Classic
¤ SNES9x v1.5x and higher
¤ bSNES Compatibility Core (Bizhawk, Higan, lsnes)
¤ SuperNT
¤ MiSTer

Emulators that are banned for all categories:
¤ SNES9x v1.4x and lower

Emulators that are allowed for all categories EXCEPT 0 Exit and 11 Exit Cloud:
¤ no$sns
¤ bSNES Performance Core (Bizhawk, Higan)
These emulators are not accurate enough to properly emulate open bus behavior, which is required for certain item swap glitches.

If an emulator or system that you would like to use is not on this list, comment here and I'll work with you to add it to the timing spreadsheet posted above.

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I didn't klnow you can't get the cloud in Wii U! That's a relief, I thought I just was really bad at the game, thanks for the all the info and data, very appreciated 🙂

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ZSNES is allowed? I thought it was mostly globally banned due to it being faster because it doesn't emulate lag properly? Did that change? haha


Maybe a new version came out that emulated lag properly


If you read the doc Dots posted you'll see that it's barely faster at all


I use mednafen. It's based on bsnes but I don't know which version/core.


@roopert83 I know I always heard that myself. But after actually testing it, the emulator runs slow and lags more than it should, which means it actually loses time even though the load times are shorter.

I should mention again this is all based in context of SMW, where loads don't happen very often. In a game where loading takes up more time in a run, it could be the case that the short load times actually result in a net gain in time.


If someone is gonna use an emulator, it's gonna be one that emulates loading times and lag properly


"fast but properly" Is that not contradictory?


I am a Mac user and I would like to speed run smw but can I use OpenEmu it is not suggested allowed or banned

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ZMZ is just SNES9x under the hood, the lastest version uses v1.53 so you should be good.
Apparently OpenEmu uses bSNES and SNES9x cores, so you should be good to use that as well.

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I would recommend using SNES9x v. 1.53. It's compatible with Livesplit and looks phenomenal.

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If your pc can handle bizhawk, it's better than snes9x imo. Especially for speedrunning


Really? I shall take a look then

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