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I Was Really Interested In Doing Individual Levels And I Even Wanted To Submit A World Record I Got But It Got Deleted And I Dont Know Why??


I too had signed up and then the next day it has disappeared


ILs are pointless because there's too many categories.


I mean, if SMB1 has IL leaderboards I suppose SMW can, but why?


too many levels, too many power ups, too many categories, yoshi / no yoshi, orb / cloud, etc


Each level would need to have a board for: no/yes cape or flower, no/yes/blue yoshi, yes/no wings, secret/normal exit, and for each of these variables, it would need to have a board for both entering and exiting with each of these states (since keeping yoshi and ditching yoshi are very different in many stages, for instance). This makes a board where each level could need up to 50+ different boards just to make sure that the variables are all equal for anyone participating in that IL. Otherwise, the IL is meaningless (why would an IL for YI2 with cape be meaningful when that literally doesn't appear in a single category, for instance?)

This is why ILs are gone (and probably won't come back). SMW is just too complicated of a game. SM64 doesn't have powerups. SMB1 doesn't require powerups to go faster, since small mario is typically the best option. SMW just is too annoying for ILs.

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