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it has no video proof, which means no one can know if it is legit or not. Also why did the runner want his/her identity a secret?

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why was it even added anyway? seems like a disgrace to submit a WR run with no video, let alone one of the MODS submitting it.


The run was on the boards for a long time, but runner chose to withdraw it and delete the video. We know it's legit, and want it there for the sake of leaderboard accuracy, but the runner would prefer not to be named.


I tweeted to Area51 about having him personally upload the footage to his own account, just so people can see the run if they want to and still have the run anonymous. Didn't happen, which surprised me.


The video still exists on YouTube, it's just private. No one else has a copy of the video.


I'm partly responsible for people talking about this and I didn't really want to bring a lot of shit down on the SRcom mods, but I cannot help but question whether this is a wise precedent to set. I totally get wanting to curate the boards properly, I'm very invested in that for the games I moderate, but from the perspective of, you know, ANYONE who's not in the immediate community, this just looks like anyone can submit any stat they want, and it'll go up there. There's got to be a point where you just bite the bullet and say "This stat, in its current form, no longer belongs on a moderated leaderboard", in my opinion.


It wouldn't be on the leaderboard if it was already there with a video in the first place. If you asked anyone who keeps up with SMW speedrunning, they'd say that the WR is 14:46.1 by pogyo. Then he decided to remove his video and didn't want his name on the leaderboards anymore. A bunch of people were able to watch that video when it was public, so I don't think it would be correct to say that the current 2nd place time deserves the 1st place spot. If you think it's weird that the first place time doesn't have a video, just ask literally anyone in the community and they'll explain the situation.

Yes, the leaderboard is in an odd state right now, but that's because the situation we are faced with right now is odd itself.

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It's stupid to have a WR for a game with no footage, splits, or name.
No proof of the run = it didn't happen. Why are videoless run even allowed on this website? It's one thing to have it be your fist run and have the splits uploaded to But to get WR without evidence is just stupid. The run didn't happen. The WR is by Calco2.


Did you not read dots' comment? The run did happen, and was publicly viewable for months. That's why we're in this situation, if there hadn't have been any evidence to begin with, the run would never have been put there.


"if you want to know the world record of one of the most popular games, just ask the community and they'll explain"

kinda defeats the purpose of having a leaderboard imo, if that person doesn't want their times displayed that means he gave up or whatever happened, so I don't think it deserves to be in the leaderboard at all

but whatever, just the SMW community not caring about most of the "not important" part of the community, nothing new to see here

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I think times should be up no matter what for accuracy sake, like you can delete a submission but you can't un-speedrun once the run is already completed. I also know exactly who has the record and deleted their video but as tempting as it is, I really don't want to say it at the same time for the sake of not causing drama. It may seem weird or pointless, but the run happened, there was evidence the mods fully reviewed and that time will stay up.

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if it doesn't have video it's not a speedrun. whoever had the audacity to delete that run should be ashamed of themselves

but i don't run this game, so chances are i'm just going to be harassed for making this post


As I said earlier on this thread, I also saw the record existed with video so it most certainly is a speedrun and I know who has the record, but if I said who I'd get a lot of hate. I can DM you the name and leave it at that if you really, really need to know, but I'd rather not. @artism


someone earlier in the thread already said it was by pogyo. he deleted his video so it's NO LONGER a run.
(i don't really care about revealing the "runner" because
A: the name was already given
B: he was crazy enough to delete his run so he doesn't deserve to be allowed anonymity)


I've done ¤offline speedruns¤ for nearly 2 years and that's where I started. It doesn't mean my first speedrun was on February 18th, 2016 and nothing I did before that counted. I also didn't know someone else said it was pogyo. Either way, the Low% record counts, it is a speedrun, offline speedruns are speedruns and you're acting just slightly retarded @artismspeaks.


>but i don't run this game

Then why are you here stirring the pot?


Outsider’s opinion: I think it might be useful to put a note indicating that the video had been previously viewed/verified. Just helps clear up the fact that it is a real record that’s been verified before.

Don’t understand why the runner would submit and then remove it; that’s weird, but I’m sure there’s a story.


@MrDunlo, There is in a fact a story behind this. The original WR holder for Low% did not agree with the name change discussion to change "Low%" to "Low% (Small Only)" and proceeded to pull his times and records off of the leaderboard. A few other runners did this as well. The problem arose when his World Record was taken down.

The mods here respect runners and if one of them didn't want to be named, so be it. However, as Dots pointed out, the run WAS viewable, the record was indeed VERIFIED, and it was in fact LEGIT. The world record at the time was 14:46, the record was not Calco's 14:48 at the time. As such, they put "Anonymous" as the runner's name for privacy and left it as such.

Here is a timeline of events:
The Run (14:46): Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] on 2016-12-24
The Run Re-Verified: Verified by Area51 on 2017-02-15
This Thread Started: 2017-03-18
The last post before @MrDunlo: 2017-04-08
The Current WR: Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] on 2017-04-09
(All of these times are pulled straight from SRC, from the runs themselves and the posts up above.)

With this timeline of events, the issue has since been resolved with the current World Record holder being Calco2. Since the mods still respect runners' privacy and wishes, the runner is still going to remain unnamed.

This topic is moot at this point and should be locked.