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3 months ago

I thought I was on version 1.01, but it was actually 1.1 or something like that. The camera is very different from all the other versions that I have tried, and I really like it. I've just tried 1.0 1.01 deluxe and final from and all of them seem to have the same camera that I hate. also says that the deluxe version has a completely different camera and lighting system. I can see the lighting system is obviously different, but the camera isn't noticeably different at all.

Is there a speedrun legal version that has a cardinal lakitu cam and uses the dpad to adjust the camera in small increments? (dpad isn't actually that important but I have a feeling it's there because of the lakitu camera system)

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Only the 4 versions mentioned on the rules are allowed.

rip. alr ty

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The main difference with the camera in the Deluxe version is that it attaches to mario more. So when you jump the camera moves up and down with mario where as the previous versions do not have this feature. The deluxe versions camera can be quite annoying when you are doing speed runs for a long time.

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Yeah, it looks like you're permanently stuck in flying cam but zoomed out a bit lol (that still exists in the others tho it's just a little bit less)

also I found the place where the camera I describe is. It's actually listed on as a completely different hack (even though it's not). It's called smsr with parallel camera. I seem to have gotten a different version than what is on there but it is the same camera. <-link

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