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I know I'm not a SMS speedrunner, (not even a good speedrunner for that rather) but I have a challenge for every SMS any% speedrunner. Details here:

I know this won't accepted, in fact it might even be deleted, but if the challenge is completed, then good job. You might get a reward. Not from me though.

Good luck!


I’m sorry if I sounded rude. I didn’t mean to come off as that way. I was just making sure that you know that sub 1-hour currently is not possible.

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There’s an any% TAS currently in the works and it’s expected to get a 1:07, so yeah it’s not happening unless a new major skip is found, especially not RTA

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i knew that
so thats why 1 jan 2020 is the deadline
if you dont think sub 1 hour will be possible by 2020, let me know
im relying on a major tactic being discovered




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I mean it’s hard to tell how much we don’t know about the game yet or when we’ll figure out something useful, but we can already get to almost every Shine and loading zone that’s available early. The last Shine we can’t get is the one above Petey’s head in Bianco 1/2, and it wouldn’t save more than a minute. Sub 1 hour could be a thing (and even then, with TAS-level execution) if we could somehow enter the Yoshi-Go-Round without Yoshi, but we can’t


considering all these things i want to extend the deadline now
what do you think



Just to make sure I've got this right:
-You don't run this game
-You want people who do run this game to accomplish a thing
-You want them to do so by a certain deadline
-There is no reward.

If all this is correct, I have two questions of my own:
-What makes you think SMS runners aren't already trying their hardest to beat the current world record?
-Do you honestly think this deadline is contributing to the effort?

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i think whoever got to sub 1-hour would be cemented in SMS history (maybe speedrunning history)
actually thats confirmed
yes i dont run the game
yes i want speedrunners to do tuff
yes im setting a deadline
yes i have no reward for them

i originally thought there was no reason for me to say any reason, though i kinda do though its weak, i dont know if i should post but whatever: I don't think they are in the spirit to get to sub 1-hour, because the time isn't down enough or the TAS hasn't accomplished sub 1-hour yet.

no it isnt

i admit the previous post is really stupid and just goes to show i need to think more
brought to you from the "your going to find a typo arent you" society



Speedrunners try to go as fast as possible, so if sub 1 hour becomes possible, they’ll definitely go for it like people went for sub 3 in 120 Shines which was unthinkable for a while. They’ll “get in the spirit to get sub 1 hour” when/if some new trick is discovered that saves that much time, or when/if the WR progressively gets closer and closer to 1 h somehow, but the people who even got a 1:14 can be counted on the fingers of one hand and setting a deadline (heck, even a reward) isn’t going to magically improve times

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