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I realize that most people will have no interest in this, but I figured I'd post this here anyway. I decided to pick up 20 shines hoverless because it was relatively short and had some cool tricks and movement in it. Unfortunately, the only run I could base a route off of is zelpikukirby's current record, which enters Pianta early hoverless, which is quite tricky. Because of this, I decided to do my own route that avoids Pianta completely. The route I'll link to here is the result of some tinkering around, and though I think it's solid for what it is, I'm open to suggestions if someone has an idea to make it better. Feel free to either reply to this post or leave a comment on the spreadsheet with any thoughts. For reference, I've also included zelpiku's route and PB video.
Worst case scenario, nothing becomes of this and it serves as a route for anyone interested in picking up this category.

P.S. You should definitely consider giving the category a shot, as much of a meme as it might sound 🙂

Edited both routes to account for recent optimizations. (August 2017)

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