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So I was just messing around with the rocket nozzle in Delfino, and I found a way to clip through the Corona gate with the rocket nozzle glitch. Unfortunately, there's no loading zone at this point so Mario is kind of stuck. If there's a loading zone at any point, Corona early would be possible.


this is breaking news!

not. we could clip there 5 years ago and the loading zone isn't there until you beat all shadow marios.


Corona Mountain Early will never be a thing. The loading zone is never there until the island is flooded (kill all 7 shadow marios)


sorry dude that was a good idea BUT it seems like itll never be possible 😛


I believe in a new significant skip that makes a 1:14 possible.


I don't think anyone has found a way to clip into the Bianco 6 loading zone early, so there's a very very outside chance that's possibly a skip but probably not. I think if there's a skip found it'll probably be getting to king boo in Sirena 4.

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People have clipped into the Bianco 6 loadzone, both with and without cheats. To my knowledge all the possible early loadzones have been checked.


Maybe with extensive testing, King Boo COULD be clipped to early, but I personally think it's unlikely.


Ok! I've got a plan. We use ACE to trick the game into thinking that all of the Shadowmario's have been defeated. Then, Corona early. BOOM! Mystery solved!!!!!!!!