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Hey y'all!

I'm looking to get into streaming SMS any %, but have absolutely no idea what equipment I need to do so. I'd be playing on my old gamecube (since my Wii broke, tsk tsk) and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what to buy?

Thanks a billion 😛


new wii
sd card
sd card reader
the game
capture card

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a not terrible computer, OBS, in addition to Kaminari's list


I'd recommend you buy a gv-usb2 on amazon to capture gameplay, if you intend to stream, and play on your gamecube until your time gets better. A Wii does save a decent amount of time with loads, though, so when you can it's good to have. As well, a Wii can help a lot with practice, but as long as you have a memory card, you should be fine regardless.


I recommend a GV-USB2 for a cap card since it's good and not 200 dollars like a elgato


Tho tbh if your not going to get a wii at least get dolphin for save states as it allows you to learn the game way faster


Elgato's are horrible so never get one of those, gv usb 2 is the recommended capture card for standard definition games though so go for that if you want something with pretty damn good quality

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