New category idea?
1 year ago
Victoria, Australia

I apologise if this isn't original but I thought maybe it would be an interesting idea to have the "nuke glitch" in sand kingdom as a category, with all the necessary glitches like ip clip and bubble clip (with assist mode) it could be fun, the only thing I can say that I don't like about it is that it is another CE that can be finished under 20 mins but it could be interesting having to bring jaxi toward ip after releasing harriet from the top with some proper routing. It can be very accessible as all glitches are possible in all versions of the game and can be done in both 1p or 2p the only requirement being assist mode.

Also nuke% just seems like an intriguing category title

Indiana, USA

Its a weird glitch with like alot of setup that brings Harriet off the pyramid and makes like a big explosion looking thing around her its in there somewhere