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I made a command for Nightbot to dynamically display the current Any% WR that is on, for lazy people like me.

Here is the URL to the command (easier to C&P; just double-click on the command):

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That's only one player mode, is that intended? The two player record is currently lower.


When you use the normal command for SMO Any% WR, you normally get the 2-player record, which this command bypasses.

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I also added another command for AUM. That was easy enough tbh; there weren't any variables to take into account.

If you know the API just change the URL to any leaderboard with the params top=1 and embed=players. Variables are the only tricky thing; if there's no vars then just use<category name>

The category name is after the # in with the leaderboard selected. For example, <category name> for AUM is All_Unique_Moons and Any% is Any. (