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Hey y'all, i am curious, as SMO is mainly skill based to get those nice speedrunning times and the any% run is now under 1:05:00, is there a chance that a glitchless category will be opened?
Some of the glitches are minor, they only save only a little bit of time, but over the total run it feels like it is quite something.


I'm advocating for a World Peace No Story Skips, which would result in less or no glitches being used, but not actually be defined by it. The thing about glitchless outside of World Peace, Darker Side, and 100% is that all glitches together save way less time than the glitchlessly possible other skips like Moon skip or Cascade skip.

Another problem we would have with a glitchless 100% category would be that it would ban coin duplication, even though coin duplication can sometimes unintentionally occur in the caves in Cascade, especially for the single coin rocks. Just not banning it would not be a solution since this glitch is actually supposed to save 15-30 minutes in the 100% run

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Although they can impact a runs time quite significantly I don't believe there is enough glitches to warant a glitchless category at the moment. Once more are discovered then I feel there could be a reason to add a glitchless category


The runs aren’t different enough to warrant them being separated. For 95% of the run, it’s the same exact route and movement

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