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I could see the individual worlds/level leaderboard being the same as on the Sunshine board. 100% IWs would sound like a really new fun thing.


That sounds interesting, however there might be a problem. I'm pretty sure when you get a moon, it is completely gone, and not grey-ed out like in other games, so that would make it harder to do them.


Maybe once you complete the game their is a option to redo certain parts?


When you grab a moon its still there. Does it in the demo. Its just transparent like past games

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Honestly, if the game has an IL setup similar to SM64 or SMS, I wouldn't even bother making IL leaderboards. Those boards are very inaccurate since practically none of the full-game category runners bother to submit there, leaving them to be filled by randos who want arbitrary WRs. Trying to keep track of ILs from full-game runs, especially for super popular games, is totally impractical unless it was somehow automated with LiveSplit. And no, segments are not the exact same as levels; look at A Hat in Time for an example of that.

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I actually got a bunch of different ideas for stage RTA:

- Any% - when first arriving at the kingdom, collect as many moons as you need to leave; end with the odyssey cutscene
- Peace - when first arriving at the kingdom, collect the multi-moon that corresponds to Toadette's "World Peace" achievement
- First-trip 100% - when first arriving at the kingdom, collect every moon that spawns before beating the game; end with the odyssey cutscene
- Second-trip - starting from a file where you have collected every first-trip moon, return to the kingdom and collect every moon that hasn't been collected yet
- (closest to 100%, which itself sadly doesn't look feasible) - starting from a file where you have collected just the number of moons required to leave, collect every moon that hasn't been collected yet

I'd really like to see Any% and first-trip 100%, at least


I think getting the World Peace moon in a kingdom could be a cool category, in some at least. Like in Sand, it'd be demo% + the second boss.

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I think there should at least be a category for beating the world for the first time


Stage RTA 100%:
- When first entering the kingdom, get any number of moons sufficient to leave and trigger the cutscene of the odyssey filling up
- load a save file where only those moons in the kingdom have been collected (and any number of moons in other kingdoms)
- collect all the remaining moons in the kingdom
This is facing a lot of resistance as some runners don't want to load a save file during their run. Maybe they also got confused, thinking I was talking about a full-game run when I was actually suggesting an IL


All Purple coins in a world would be a cool level leaderboard. (Can you get all Purple coins before beating game?)

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I don't think you'd have to do this before beating the game, since you aren't forces to collect purple coins on your first visit


Purple coins would definitely be a good addition as collecting them won't stop the game for a moment.