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From looks of it potential categpries might be the following:
Any% All moons (excludes moons only availabel after game)
All moons


A joke category in which you play the entire game in Mario's Boxers/


Would 100% include all purchases from the shops?

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yes. at least i would assume. : get all power moons, area coins, outfits, etc...


a few ive been thinking of are
All moons
All special coins
All bosses
All Outfits?
All triple moons
All enemy captures
All souvenirs

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Triple moons count towards moons, and all bosses should give you moons, so what you’re saying is:

All Moons
All Reigonal Coins
Everything From Crazy Cap
Capture All Enemies

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i thought some triple moons werent required - maybe im remembering wrong but if so, then it would be any% + the triple moons that you go out of the way for.
All the bosses are not required as far as i know so any% and all bosses are different categories.
I would personally like different categories for all the crazy cap stuff because it would make things a tad more interesting, everything from CC would require all regional coins so not all 3.


Star% - time ends when you get a star and transform into SM64

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Originally posted by SMWHackedHACKStar% - time ends when you get a star and transform into SM64

I'd rather call it SM64%
but since this requires you to get to post game it'd be almost the same as Any% + the small bit at the end,
unless it's timed seperately, like, start time after credits or smth.

although I'd rather make the paintings ILs since that'd fit more than having to go through the whole game just to attempt a category.
while I'm at it, I might as well
[SUBMIT A TIME FOR ONE OF THESE ILs (do not click if you don't want to be spoiled)](


Something to note about 100% (spoiler warning):

There is a secret ending at Peach's Castle when you obtain 999 moons, and I think all moons is about 830 (this number is a guess as I dont know the exact number). There is a shop that you can continuously buy moons instead of just the one required in the lists page. so 100% would probably include all the extra collectables and then end at this 999 Moon thing. Just my thoughts on it anyway.


999 runs the run ends once the 999 celebration cutscene starts
Darker Side of Moon%


What about OCD category where every golden coin has to be collected at least once?


there's no easy way to track whether or not that's done, also it's very arbitrary.


how about a boss mode where you have to beat the game beating every boss, cus u can skip them in main story


we're working on that. whether or not it'll become lb category? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯