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Npc%, npc is any% but you have to talk to every npc. Which could get very hard when it gets to metro kingdom but if anyone wants to run it try it out i guess.

Doot%, doot is just grinding coins until you can buy the skeleton outfit. Nice for the spooky season.

Nut%, its just any% but you have to get all seed moons that you can get.

Lavafloor%, once again any% but you can only touch the ground the minimum amount, kind of like how min. Captures can have lower captures people can find minimal ground touches.

Pixel%, ypu have to find all if the hidden cat marios, luigis, and peaches, run stopped after last one grabbed

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Why do these categories need to exist and who would run them

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Lol nice categories lmao :V xd

- "Npc%": in my opinion is nice idea, but litteraly ALL the NPCs TALK can be a Little bit tedious and strange, but is nice :v.
And, as well as any% with the NPGs, another idea would be going to be literally "All NPGs", including of the Mushroom kingdom, the dark side, the darker side, and all the post-game NPCs. The problema is that you would be need to get 500 moons, so would be going to be so long.

- "Doot%": a question; the objetive is to get the skeleton outfit or simply to get the 9999 coins?
In all case, in the first case is like any%, in except of an extra that would be going to grind coins, all the SpeedRunners would be going posible to grind in the subzone of Bowsers kingdom lol.
In the second case, is simply the farm, so can be a Little repetitive. This yes, I think is better to grind in cascade kingdom if is by the start lol.

- "Nut%": a great idea! Is similar to an normal any%, but is great the idea to get the moon of all seeds.
I think that would be better to run like more tan any%, because there are also 4 seeds in mushroom kingdom. In my opinion, the time need to end when you take the last seed moon. And, another idea, only seeds with moons? Because there are also seeds and nuts that are to go to subzones (Ej.: the Bowser kingdom subzone, the seed to subzone that is Good to grind coins lol).
And, in 1.3, if you change the timer, you can change the seeds time. This is validate in "Nut%"? Would be an instantiate seed moon, and for a category like this, I think is better to cant change the hour, to get the seed moon.

- "Lavafloor%": lol I like the meme would be better name "The Floor Is lava" jaja xd.
So interesting run, but I also think is so extreme lol. Before to do the run, we need to keep in mind what count like floor and what no, and also to calculate the mínimum time that is needed to touch the "floor".
Detail: you start touching the floor… F. I think that the best that you can do is to jump before to move when you teleport to a checkpoint, or in the new kingdom when you apear in the floor.

- "Pixel%": the same tan "Npg%", but I think is better Pixel% than Npg%, so nice lol, without keep in mind that I didnt know the location of all the Pixels :v


Lusonice2021 nice :v xd


Dino13 some categories are nice, but is true that some categories are no so Good in the time to do the SpeedRun.
For example, I dont think nobody would be go to run an "Npg%"


Tankgames by the way, why did you post that in the main categories page?
For that extra-categories, we have a category extensions of Super Mario Odyssey.
Maybe, if you post that in the category extensions, any moderator ca opine if are Good ideas or not.

Category extensions: