Well, after starting this thread and not really expecting any responses, I can say I got 1 hr 46 min 46 sec. did the run earlier tonight, and I have to say it was tons of fun. Just waiting on verification and it will be official.


It doesn't matter what your first run is, it matters whether you like it or not. And if you have fun trying to improve your time, that's great.


Ya Ik, but if I started a thread with first times, I better put mine in it ?

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So when I did my first run, it was after I got every moon in the game, and I did my first in about 2h36min without any routing and just finding moons on knowledge. I don't practice much but my most recent time was 1h27m59s. Not all that great but still progress. I have 6 full runs through the game and ~30 attempts


hol up we got more wisconsin runners? ?


My first run was a 2:17 and my second one was a 1:57, Those are the only runs I've done so far because I started running on the 10th of Feb 2018!


My first run - 1:46:40
PB a week later - 1:20:14


My first run and only was 2:10:01. I could finish Metro Kingdom in 45 minutes, but had only practiced Seaside, Snow, and Luncheon a month before and I almost completely forgot the routes. Those each took about 10 minutes, and Bowser Kingdom took forever because I didn't know about what moons to get, or that you even had to get moons to leave. I got moon skip first try, but died twice in the final escape sequence. I'm going to try to make my next run at least sub 1:45, just need to make sure I know the routes.


I just did my frist run yesterday with a time of 2:28:32
heres the run https://www.speedrun.com/smo/run/zpqk6rxy


The key to remembering the route is to just do a couple of runs and then you will get used to going that route.


1:36.49 for my first run (Any%). I'm surprised to see that first runs that are under 1:45 are pretty rare though. Thought I would be really bad at speedrunning before my first run.


My first actual run was 2:03:24
I actually tried to beat the game as fast as possible before that, but with no route whatsoever and it took me around 3 hours 45 minutes.


this reminds me i should get back into this game


My first run time was a 2hrs 27min 03sec lol


Finally got round to doing my first run the other day! I got around a 1:35, now currently on 1:23. Really excited to get back into and beating my PB!

Seems like everyone is getting around the 1:35 mark on their first run, makes me feel better about my bonks


My first run was 2:12 with no rutes, and i had only watched a Samura1man run that i skipped most of. Now ive took a break for a bit but i have 1:25 =)