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So, volleyball... Its the one thing that ruins my runs. Because of it i can never finish my AM or 100% run(s). So please, make it possible to go into 2 player in volleyball, either as a sub category or as a thing thats allowed there and only there

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Speedruns aren't meant to be easy.

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if it ruins your runs, it clearly needs practice. figure out what you're doing wrong each time it fails

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Its failing cuz cappy dosent go the way i tell him

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Personally, I focus on music or some streamer talking while I'm doing volleyball and it helps me, but I don't know how much it would help you.

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We're not gonna allow 2p just for the sake of making volleyball easy. adding a 2p category to the CE board would be fine if there were actually people running the category in 2p mode for the whole run with 2p only strats. Otherwise it's not worth having. What you're asking for is the lazy way out.

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