super mario odyssey for pc?
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super mario odyssey for pc?

is there a way to get mario odyssey for pc? pls

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zero-effort troll

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Emulator. use emu all the time


there´s emu for switch?

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no there is not emu for switch yet, and there wont be for a few years

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idiot question

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pimanrules said they emulated the game for PC, whatever that means. Probably just running PC inputs into the switch, where you still have to have the latter


Of course theres a Nintendo Switch Emulator. I mean there isn't a decent one for PS3 yet (a 11 year old console) but of course there is one for the Switch!

Just google it and you'll find true treasures!

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The PS3 has significantly better specs than the switch. The switch would be easier to emulate than the PS3.

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Switch has better specs than ps3 for sure.

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Baltimore, MD, USA It's Like The Actual Super Mario Odyssey Game

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