Accidental Discovery
2 years ago

Earlier I was playing the game on my PS4 slim, digital edition.

I was messing about in photo mode in the 'Time To Rally' mission, when I found something interesting - when using photo mode slightly before & after regaining control of Miles after he slingshots off of the crane on his way to Braithwaite bridge, I gained a considerable amount of speed and height.

I was able to recreate it a few times, once to the same/slight better extent, and some worse. It might be timing based on the photo mode usage after control is regained. I'm going to play around with it more tomorrow.

Link to original finding: Link to a recreation:


Well! I've found another interesting thing. All on digital edition, latest patch, PS4. All links lead to the spots in the run where each thing happened. Whilst doing my first run in like... 9 months, I did something odd whilst walking on the crane in Underground Undercover. Completely accidentally once again. Only thing I can think of is that I had speech audio off, and although I had subtitles on the line 'Cmon Miles, make it look good' or something to that effect didn't play. Maybe the stumble on the crane is triggered by this voiceline or something. Not sure.

Also found two bugs! I softlocked in La Nochebuena because Ganke got stuck in the hallway, so I couldn't access Rio's room for the records - had to reload. I softlocked in Underground Undercover when talking to people. Had to reload. Suspect that at minimum the latter was caused by the lack of voice line too.

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