There should be a category that combines the rules of no powerups, no coins, and pacifist. The rules can be something like this (yes I added more rules to make this harder)
1. No coins
2. You can't hurt enemies (canon balls count and stomping things like a Koopa once counts)
3. No powerups (1 ups are fine but things like boots, Yoshi's, dry bones shells, etc. count)
4. No skipping unless the level is impossible (like coin clear condition)
5. No activating pow blocks or p switches (If you indirectly hit it like using a thwomp it doesn't count)
6. If you die once you must restart your run
7. No using keys or hitting on/off switches
8. If a rule is broken, then you must restart your run
9. Clear 16 levels as fast as possible in endless easy
The category can be called Hardcore since it's similar to Minecraft Hardcore and following these rules are very difficult.
(Also yes this is my first post on the forums)


It could be cool with a little less factors, but I think we are not going to add new categories for a while.

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I guess we could just limit the rules down to no coins, powerups, and no killing enemies. Also, only 1 life and no skips unless if the level is impossible. It could also be when you submit a run, it's only how many levels you clear, like the nuzlocke.

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