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The game is nearing release, I have had some minor trouble figuring out which moderators from the other games should be added here as I feel this is high priority to prevent sniping from game requests. I highly likely will not be running this game, I would like to get everything in order by no longer than a week after release.

• I would like to get 3-4 moderators added to this game that qualify to do so.
• Categories/etc will not be added right away until after the games release on June 28th.
• I would also like to get those moderators setup in the discord.
• We will not be adding series moderators at this time.

Discord for this game - https:/​/​discord.​gg/​99SkAgQ
A series page now exists - https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​super_mario_maker

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Ill be willing to verify/mod if needed. I got a decent chunk of experience. Hmu if people from smm1 don’t step up. Discord: Sizzyl#4421

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Yeah same here! I will 100% Moderate I have experience, I Moderate for Smm3ds. I would love to help out I have alot of free time on my hands to verify runs. And I'm in the discord and I have been for a while.
New Category ideas:
Story Mode Co-op
Endless Mario, But you have to get to a certian score, as fast as possible. That's all for now, I am thinking of more now, I'll will @DangerlessDangerless In when I have more. I'm super excited for the games realase and I hope to get a Verifer position to help out. Thanks!

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Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted but letting you guys know if you are interested for the game please join the community discord server for the game. It would be important to be there if selected and to be able to have an presence for the community (the invite is in the first post).

I've done some minor pep work today for the discord as well, I will keep checking this thread in case if no one has interest in being part of it and again I want to make sure we have everything up to speed during the first week of release (which is in a mere two days).

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What I've done within the discord;

- Added a bot for logging (this is for moderation for staff)
- Straighten up the channels a bit more (clearer names and permissions)
- Added staff roles, game roles (not completely active yet) and runner roles. Any suggestions further with roles I'm open to. Plan to use secondary bot so that users can simply click on a reaction to get a role.
- There is now a channel to keep track of people who are applying for game mod (aside of this thread)

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The Game Released Early.


Completed a run of Story Mode.

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Any informations about what those categories would be?

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I think some categories could be "First to clear 10 levels" in endless challenge, "First to clear insert number levels" and so on. And also a complete story mode run.


Story Mode: Any%, Any% No Luigi, 100%


Probably also something like All Big Coins would be cool


I'm guessing to restart Story Mode, you'd need to use another account?


yeah, and you need to erase save data if you want to reset your progress to redo a run.

I'd recommend to have one account with story mode completed for practice and an other user on the console for runs

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