100 Man Easy WR by Katz is Cheated.
5 years ago
Missouri, USA

I don't feel the current 3:38 WR by Katz should be considered valid as a speedrun attempt for the sole reason that it uses glitches that are not present in SMM.

As stated in the video description: "You have to download a modded level, for example from Psycrow."

The glitch involves using a hacked level that was created with outside tools and memory modding to glitch the game into not saving level clears and therefore reducing loading times. However, not everyone has access to said modded levels and therefore this is not exactly fair.

Because this is not something native to Super Mario Maker and instead uses mods (even if the run without the hack itself still could have beaten the previous one) it should be disqualified.

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United States

I was wondering why the load times were so fast; that alone made a huge difference. I was just thinking my network connection wasn't that good; even with the mii-verse fix.

Oregon, USA

You are right, it is pretty unfair that he does this, as you actually have to find a hacked level. Using the miiverse fix is much different than that because you still use the vanilla wii u and game. I believe we should have more opinions on this before it can be rejected.

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Such a run should not be accepted and I have rejected it.

United Kingdom

Thank you guys for paying the extra attention to this run. Myself and a few runners I know really appreciate it.

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