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speedrun with
:No timer
:No Commentry
:Good quality
:One Full Video So No individual parts
Also it can be 120 or 242 run it dosent matter


For what do you want to use it for?


learn the game and do it yourself you lazy bum

also this thread reminds me of this

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Just a buy capture card and do a run.
Even if it is bad. It´s your gameplay.
And a speedrun of a game which counts the realtime without a timer?

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I need one for an yt stream Also i cant do its myself since id have even 120 stars on smg2


For a yt stream?
You didn´t even completed the game?
You are completly wrong here.


What are you supposed to be using this footage for? It mainly just seems like you're ordering people around.


People would most likely love to help you out, if they knew what you were going to do with your requested video(s). The lack of information is your biggest flaw here so maybe you should explain yourself?