242 Stars Route (VERY Outdated)

Google Doc route put together by Pottoww with a lot of contribution from others as well! (external link)

By PottowwPottoww

Cyberscore Leaderboard (external link)

By Cyberscore

Detailed speed, distance, and timing info (external link)

By yoshifanyoshifan

Discord Server (external link)

Infinite Flutter Guide (external link)

By PottowwPottoww

Luigi Any% Hack (NTSC-U)

Put this on the root of your SD card. Load homebrew and open riivolution. Do what each option tells you to on both pages. Good job, now you can do the thing. Credit to Thomas83Lin for the codes to unlock the character door early. (direct download)

By TheSludgyGamerTheSludgyGamer

NTSC-U Practice Codes

(direct download)

By JeromeJerome

SDA Knowledge Base (external link)

By SpeedDemosArchive

SDA Single Star Times (external link)

By SpeedDemosArchive


242 Stars with 9999 Banktoad + 120 Stars (NTSC-J)

Save Files for 242 Stars Speedruns & Green Stars Speedruns (Credits to iMartz3 for the file) (direct download)

By TheButterMaster101TheButterMaster101

242 Stars with 9999 Banktoad + 120 Stars (NTSC-U)

For use with banktoad or "Green Stars" run (with the 120 star file) (direct download)

By JeromeJerome

242 Stars with 9999 Banktoad + 120 Stars with 9999 Coins (PAL)

On this save you will find: File 1: Full 242 clear with Mailtoad set up with giving you 99 lives when you pick this file as the first you play. Toad Bank is full, Coins and Bits are memes. File 2: empty for doing runs File 3: Set up for Green Stars with 9999 Coins collected to skip a Coin Textbox when collecting Coins. Save created with a PAL SMG2 game. (direct download)

By bloodtv_bloodtv_


(Recommended for Advanced Runners) Any% Honeybloom Route (Fastest Route)

This route is not recommended until you get the hang of specific levels such as Honeybloom 1 (If performed right it's 15s faster). This doesn't do Supermassive 1 (Splits are set to be subsplits, if you want to change the splits a bit, just get rid of the - and curly brackets) (external link)

By jda7jda7, Podderz

(Recommended) Any% Route (Second Fastest Route)

This is currently the second fastest route. This route does Boo Moon 1. This route is recommended for runners who have not extensively practiced Honeybloom 1. (external link)

By MutantsAbyssMutantsAbyss

242 Stars Route (Recommended)

This is currently the fastest route. Made with the help of HowToCantaloupe, PodzDragon, jda7, and iamatruegam3r (external link)

By MutantsAbyssMutantsAbyss

2̶4̶2̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶R̶o̶u̶t̶e̶ (OUTDATED)

Old 242 route. This route is slightly slower as you have to switch worlds to get back to Slimy Spring L without watching the Galaxy Generator cutscene. (external link)

By MutantsAbyssMutantsAbyss

2̶4̶2̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶R̶o̶u̶t̶e̶ (OUTDATED)

Old 242 route made by HowToCantaloupe. This is the 2nd fastest route currently. (external link)

By MutantsAbyssMutantsAbyss

Any% Route (Beginner Route)

This route is recommended for beginners who do not do Boo Moon 1 skip. (external link)

By MutantsAbyssMutantsAbyss