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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Forum  /  The Perfect Run without 9,999 Star Bits in the Bank

Casually, I was somehow able to play and beat The Perfect Run without a full bank. Does anyone have any idea how this happened? It would save time in a 242 Star speedrun.


If one save file already has the perfect run unlocked, every other save file will have it unlocked as well.

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That wasn't what happened though. What happened was that I deleted a file with a lot of Star Bits but forgot to put them in the bank. Did the star bits somehow transfer to the bank according to the game? As a side note, doing what you said would save time in 242 Stars too. The guide I was looking at told me to grind for Star Bits instead.


Smajet u don't need to grind for star bits, I just finished my 242 run today and what i did was beginning the run with 9999 star bits and my second account being an account with 242 stars, than the comet will just appear right after you completed the ultimate test providing you grabbed the commet medal


Yeah, but what I'm saying is that this was the first time I unlocked The Perfect Run yet I was still able to play and beat it without the Star Bits. I'm curious about how this happened.


Maybe I had 9999 Star Bits on a different file. I'm not sure.


If you have 9999 starbits on a another file that's completed, then perfect run will be unlocked

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Yeah, that's probably what happened. I deleted that 9,999 Star Bits file though.