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Not sure if it'd ever be useful, but I found out that during the second Topman star (The one in Dreadnaught), if you die to a mine during the pull star segment, and catch yourself on a pull star presumably far away enough on your way back down, and still break out and fall back to the starting planet, on rare occasions you can start walking around with 0 health. One more hit and you still die though. I died before I could do much to see if anything happens... to one of the mines. (I'm bad lol)

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Doesn't seem like this would be useful Speedrunning wise since it effectively does nothing but allows you walk around with zero lives. Nice find though.


@Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer that´s true, but is nice glitch lol, why not to share.

@crobatfan11crobatfan11 wow nice glitch dude! You can be zombie Mario? what the hell would be nice to learn to do that.
If you know how to do, maybe can be a "Zombie%" or something like that from the category extensions xdxd


there is a similar exploit, i dont know if it still works but back in the day (like 4-7 years ago) you could die then as your dying you could hit a coin and your death would cancel. Its as useless as the one above

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I forgot I made this thread lol. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to happen consistently. I kept dieing in a similar fashion just trying to beat the stage but it only happened once. I don't remember if I already grabbed the Life Shroom or not during that attempt, so maybe I hit that, though I'm not sure. But the spot you land on is around that Life Shroom.